new work shotSundance Story Analyst and Somatic Practitioner Jamie Stein Will Empower You To Write the Story You Were Born to Tell.

Stories come to us for a reason. They’re a call to explore our own life themes and inner conflicts on the page. If we’re doing our job right, we put ourselves into our fictional worlds with fierce honesty and, in doing so, our journey becomes inextricably linked with our hero’s journey.

In other words, your script is beckoning you to some deep part of yourself – and your willingness to let that part emerge is the very thing that creates an honest piece of work that then allows viewers to take the same inward journey for themselves.

The problem is that personal transformation can be a tough and frightening process to undertake on your own. It’s one thing to want to take the deep dive into your own creative unfolding – it’s a whole other thing to actually do it.

Fear and resistance often manifest as writers’ block and story confusion. Feeling adrift in creative and emotional murkiness, writers do the best to fend for themselves – usually trying to white knuckle their way through blocks, often creating unrealistic demands for the writing process and trying to “figure out” story through classes, formulas and the “right” story formula.

In other words, they become reactive writers.

And reactive writers make reactive decisions. Suddenly, you find yourself writing a script that doesn’t quite embody the impulse that motivated you to write in the first place – or, worse yet, a script that misses the mark entirely.

The more you try to “figure it out,” the more confused and helpless you feel in the creative process.

I provide a creative deep-dive experience that empowers writers to do the real work of writing. Namely –

To get clear on the story that wants to come through you –

To get clear on how this story reflects vital parts of your own life journey –

To undertake a process of personal transformation along with your hero – so that you stay energetically connected to the lifeblood of your material, so that you feel safe and empowered to write the script that actually embodies your deepest creative vision, so that you step into a career and (life) of creative self-empowerment.

This deep-dive experience empowers you to move from being “reactive writer” into a “right writer” –

As a right writer, you have the grounded willingness to be clear and intentional in your plot and character choices; you also have the courage to do the deep work necessary to tell an honest, personal story –

Right writers combine keen story sense with deep energetic work to write the kind of script that sings off the page, resonates with readers and generates career momentum.

it empowers you to be an artist, to be a seeker and finder, to be a conduit for a deep personal message – to write the story you were born to tell and to do the work you were born to do.

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