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Tom Ford’s A Single Man

I usually love this kind of movie. I love Antonioni, I love Before Sunset, I love pensive, free-form “day in the life” movies that capture existential angst. I love them because they manage to hit the “big questions” (“what’s the point … Continue reading

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Inception, Post #2: A Word on Character Transformation

Inception provides a sound model for character transformation that both powers the story forward and also brings it to it a meaningful conclusion. The transformation begins with the pronounced gap between Leonardo DiCaprio’s deepest want (rescue the future of his … Continue reading

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Inception, Post #1: A Word on Expositional Information

You can get away with expositional information as long as it’s being used as a vehicle for dramatic action that advances the story. Think about a movie like Inception: the entire first hour is an onslaught of exposition as Leonardo … Continue reading

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