Core Energetics & The Screenwriting Process

We’re all aware that creativity is a deeply personal thing; as writers and filmmakers, we often find ourselves illuminating our own personal struggles and conflicts through the fictitious worlds and characters we create on the page. And yet that very personal connection can often cause anxiety, resistance and frustration in the actual writing process – we’re drawn to the material, but sometimes lack the resources to work it all out. This is when blocks occur. Generally, we blame ourselves for our blocks – we attempt to resist them, outrun them and outthink them. This kind of resistance is futile, however, because those very blocks often hold the key to unlocking the heart of the conflict we’re looking to resolve through our characters.

This is precisely why I have combined my training as a Core Energetics Practitioner with my script consultation work. Core Energetics is an intense healing modality that uses the client’s body and voice to help them access deep feelings that might otherwise remain blocked. It empowers the client to delve into any areas of resistance find out what deeper emotion lives there and what it has to say, so that he can than live and work in greater presence in the world.

In hour-long sessions and group workshops, I use Core Energetics techniques and intuitive guidance to help writers bypass their heads, get into their bodies and connect with their screenplays on a deeply feeling, intuitive level. What was once a largely cerebral, intellectual process of writers frantically trying to outline structure and make all the “right” choices has now become more of an experiential journey into their bodies and deeper creative resources.

The use of Core Energetics in the writing process shines a light on this deep connection between you and your script – it not only empowers you to bring this connection into the light of day, but further gives you tools for actually feeling into the connection and moving whatever energy needs to be moved to create a complete work. The more you get to know your scripts, the more you get to know yourself; they more you get to know yourself, the more they get to know your scripts.

This work is ideal for:

  • Helping writers blast through creative blocks on a particular project.
  • Connecting writers more deeply with their characters.
  • Bringing out the deep truth of what writers long to say with their scripts.
  • Revealing the link between the script’s theme and the writer’s own personal life journey.
  • Creating a space where writers can work through the personal issues/conflicts that have drawn them to write this particular script.

Please reach me through the contact page to schedule a phone conversation to see if this work might be right for you.


Screenwriters’ Constellation 1-Day Workshop

Most screenwriting workshops engage the mind on an intellectual, cerebral level that often stymies a writer’s surrender to deeper creative flow. Analytical discussion of page numbers, plot points and rules of storytelling mean nothing if a writer hasn’t connected to the heart and soul of what he actually wants to express through his script. Writers so often get caught up in the anxious worry of how to get it “right” that they sacrifice their greatest artistic commodity: telling the story that is in their heart with resonant depth and clarity.

Jamie combines Core techniques with writing to bring you to a deep place of understanding not only about your script but about yourself as well.

The Screenwriters’ Constellation Workshop is an experiential, group process that empowers writers to help each other get out of the chatter of their minds and instead discover vital information about their scripts from a place of deep feeling and intuition. Through a combination of intuitive channeling, Core Energetics techniques and the world renowned Family Constellations work created by psychotherapist Bert Hellinger, this workshop uses an organic, dynamic method to reveal all the internal layers of your screenplay.

This workshop will help you:

  • Identify and resolve creative blocks standing between you and your script.
  • Discover what is driving your characters on the deepest level – their innermost desires, fears and needs.
  • Gain valuable information about how the dramatic conflict at the heart of your script wants to be resolved on the page.
  • Shed light on the unconscious parts of yourself you need to access in order to have all of your creative vision for your script.
  • Open up to your own capacity as a creative channel for yourself and others.

Please reach me through the contact page to schedule a phone conversation to see if this workshop might be right for you.

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