What Writers Are Saying About Jamie

“With over a thousand submissions considered for the Sundance Institute labs each year, we relied on Jamie’s ability to immediately respond to each writer’s individual voice and potential for improvement. I’m consistently impressed with how on-target Jamie has been in identifying those qualities that set apart a script as being original, unique and worth supporting. His coverage/rewrite notes succinctly identify the strengths and problem areas of a script. He then provides constructive, straightforward solutions that would potentially help the writer in further developing the material. Jamie’s eye for structure and original storytelling makes him an invaluable resource for any writer looking to maximize his/her unique skills to their fullest potential.”

Michelle Satter; Director of the Sundance Film Institute’s Feature Film Program; Beverly Hills, CA


“Working with Jamie is always a pleasure. Any story you have only gets better. Suddenly, there is containment and direction and structure. Suddenly it comes to life.”

Justinian Carroll; creator of The Fast and the Furious


“Jamie helped me tremendously with my very first spec script (for “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”), which then caught the eye of my first agent at William Morris as well as a numb roy TV executives. Jamie understands the importance of writing a TV sample script that has both your personal voice and the voice of the show. His suggestions were the kind of plot/structure-based notes that I have a blind spot toward when evaluating my own work. He approaches the work from a place of optimism – all of his notes are to the end of working toward your personal strengths, not fighting to make your voice generic.”

Liz Garcia; writer/producer, CBS’ Cold Case; creator/executive producer, TNT’s Memphis Beat; writer/director, The Lifeguard (starring Kristen Bell and Martin Starr)


“Of the scripts that my agent sends out around town, not one of them was written before I started using Jamie as a script consultant. He does an amazing job of honing in on what you are trying to say with your work, and then helps you find the best way to say it. Jamie makes your characters stronger and their journeys clearer.”

Dan Olesky; recipient of the Disney/ABC Writer’s Fellowship; writer, NBC’s Friday Night Lights


“Jamie Stein has a gift for story, character and working with writers.  It has been a joy working with him. With his intuitive process guiding me, I’ve been able to successfully break through story and character blocks. As a result, I am starting to see my own true voice becoming more confident and clear on the page. Thank you, Jamie!”

Eileen Cabiling;  Film, TV and Multimedia Writer and Producer


“I just read your notes. You are brilliant. Seriously. I’ve spent six months thinking about these people and couldn’t see any of this. My main charter was just eluding me and now she seems so obvious – and more adorable than ever. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is exactly what I was hoping for.”

Lauren B.; New York, NY


“First off, my producers went crazy for the revised script and loved all of your feedback that I incorporated. Even better than that though is one of the big name agencies (don’t want to say which one yet because I don’t want to jinx it) wants to package the movie and are tossing around some pretty big names to star (Kristen Bell, William H. Macy, to name a few). Thanks so much for your patience even when I butted heads with you. Your analytical skills are second to none and I believe that I wouldn’t be having this kind of success without your help. Pretty good start to my first feature!”

Phillip R.; Los Angeles


“From the first draft to now, your insight and guidance has been superb. My script has developed by leaps and bounds with your help. Having worked with other script consultants, I know that it takes a special kind of person to work with creative people and I can easily say that you have that talent. I envision having you read every project from here on out before I send them out into the world. Thanks, Jamie!”

Ethan Bull; New York, NY


“I read the notes, felt a little spanked, but then very much uplifted. I usually have a keen eye for story, but you found the essence of my hero’s story, the feeling of enormous personal upheaval that I felt below the surface as he spoke. It’s funny. I’m very impressed with your service. You’ve got my brain whirling. A very good thing.”

Mark S.; Montana


“Jamie, thank you for the notes…you have really renewed my passion for this film. I plan on having a revised script in a few weeks.”

Kareem M.; Bahamas


Your help is more than I could have hoped. You totally absorbed the essences of my characters and found their dramatic potential so that I can now press them into displaying it. After our conversation, my mind was whirring with new ideas. I was a little nervous, but your exercises prepared me. Thank you, Jamie.”

Tim P.; New Jersey


“Good, detailed stuff, Jamie. Thanks for being so smart. I knew you would be. My head is spinning with ideas on how to make this better. Thanks so much for your time and insights and tactfulness. I’m also working on a second script, and I’ll call you again to help with that.”

Adriana S.; New Jersey


“I realize now that my script was drifting into vagueness and cliche. You helped me focus on specific conflict with heightened stakes that creates actual drama and moves the story forward. Other people that offered me script notes focused on ‘the low-hanging fruit,’ such as ‘the word ‘too’ is misspelled on page 26,’ but you made me think about the heart of the story and building it from the inside out. The result is a tighter, vastly improved script that has been well-received by producers and is ready to shoot.”

Brian Aarons; Manhattan Beach, CA


“You provide better notes than I’ve ever received from anyone – and that’s the honest truth. Your suggestions helped me shape unfocused ideas and dialogue into a great, cohesive scrip. I have no doubt that our last consultation on my spec was integral to my being signed with an agency. I plan on using your skills on all future projects.”

Sarah A.; Los Angeles, CA

“Five minutes into our initial consultation on what I was calling my ‘draft’ at the time, I knew I had only scratched the surface in taking the script where I ultimately wanted it to be, and I knew you were the person who could help me get it there.”

C. Trainor; Venice, CA

“Thanks. That was a very helpful conversation. I have a lot to work on as far as screenplay writing goes and you’ve given me inspiration. That sounds a little cheesy, but there it is. Thanks and i will talk to you when I have something to show.” 

Jeremy K.; Chicago, Illinois




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